Derya Ozet Yalgi

Sustainability Manager, Garanti Bank

Derya Ozet Yalgi has seven years of experience in developing corporate sustainability policies and strategies for both the financial and non-financial industry in Turkey.

During her employment at Garanti Bank since the inception of the Sustainability Team, Yalgi has been involved in numerous projects including the improvement of E&S impact measurement schemes, policy and strategy development, stakeholder engagement, coordination of the implementation of environmental, social and governance measures by a variety of departments, and reporting of sustainability performance of the Bank under a range of different sustainability reporting initiatives including the national and international sustainability indices and standards.

Yalgi has also deep expertise in the development of greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions reduction projects across different sectors, GHG inventories, compliance and voluntary carbon markets. She delivered capacity building workshops on climate change and carbon markets to senior management of various companies, politicians and consultancy companies specialized in energy savings during her consultancy experience. She also worked as a consultant on Turkey’s position on ongoing climate negotiations during IMF&WBG Annual Meetings in 2009.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and a Master’s degree in International Business Administration from Marmara University, Turkey.