Michael S. Brown, Ph.D

Brown and Wilmanns Environmental

Brown and Wilmanns Environmental is a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative sustainability strategies for business, government, and NGOs.

Dr. Michael S. Brown has worked in sustainability and environmental management for 30 years, leading efforts to establish trailblazing programs in industry and government. He initiated and directed the Environmental Assessment Program at Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company recognized for its state-of-the-art environmental practices, and he has worked with numerous clients in apparel and footwear manufacturing, retail, mail order, and personal care and food products, along with public-sector and nonprofit organizations. His work in state and local government agencies resulted in the development of innovative technical assistance programs for businesses, ranging from manufacturers of high-tech components and biomedical devices to auto body shops and dry cleaners. He focuses on creative approaches that provide measurable improvements in environmental and sustainability performance as well as bottom-line benefits, integrated with an appreciation for the diverse needs of different business organizations. Mike received his M.R.P. and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University, specializing in environmental health policy. He has taught industrial ecology at UC Santa Barbara, written and spoken extensively on cutting-edge sustainability practices, and is co-author of the book Workers at Risk. He serves as an Assistant Editor for the Journal of Industrial Ecology.